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Your Wedding Experience with Mint To Be Photography


Welcome and Congratulations! We are so happy for you.

 We love that we have the honor of photographing couples, documenting the love of two people, because everyone's story is different. What makes your story yours is the two of you have begun making a life of your own, and we want to help document that love. 
 We provide our couples images that tell the story between you two, far after the wedding is said and done. We want to get to know the two of you - like we are best friends- we don't want to show up to your wedding day, we want to know who are you are inside and out so that these images are a true representation of you and your love.
 Our philosophy is quite simple - we believe every wedding is a story, a story of two people and their families, falling in love, and deciding to spend forever together. It's a story of two families coming together, and it's a story of months - sometimes years of planning the day that will be filled with love, moments and emotions. We believe wedding photography should capture all of that. At the end of the day, we want to capture these moments for you so that 30 years from now it will give you the same rush of emotions from your day all over again. 


 We have loved being able to photograph and getting to know all of our MTB Couples through the years of this business, and we have truly been honored to document such an amazing time in their lives. We are truly excited to meet with you, get to know you, and have an amazing time documenting this exciting time in both of your lives.

The Wedding Experience starts at $3,200 for 8 hours of coverage

01. Tell Us Your Story

To get started, on our contact page you will send us an e-mail detailing who you are, and your love story, and the plans you have for your wedding. We will respond within 24 hours to talk about what you have written us, and talk about the wedding experience.

We can't wait to talk to you!

02. Lets Be Friends

We will set up a time to meet, whether thats for coffee or over Skype. Our goal is to become friends with you. It's also important to be confident that we are the right fit! We want to give you the experience and photos you've always dreamt of!

03. Say Yes!

Once you have chosen us as your photographers - you will accept your booking proposal and pay your retainer to save the date! Together we will plan for success so we can capture your stunning images for you!

04. Engagement Session

All of our wedding experiences include an engagement session. They are a perfect way to remember this special time in your lives, but it also gives you practice for the big day! You will be posing like pros on your big day!

05. Your Wedding Day!

This is it! The big day is here!

It's going to go by so fast, and we want you two to be able to enjoy it as much as possible! We will be working like busy bees to make sure that you get all the beautiful images needed to tell the story of your day, but still have time to spend with each other and to take it all in. You deserve it!

Our Vision

What we want you to get out of your experience with us

Our vision as photographers is to provide you with the best images possible. We understand that every couple and wedding is unique, which in turn allows us to have flexibility in our images which we would love to sit and discuss with you. It is extremely important to us to make sure you are comfortable with us, we want to get to know YOU so we can make sure we are providing you with everything you want and more. 

Our Philosophy

Exceptional Wedding Experience Begins Here

Our philosophy and belief is that exceptional wedding experience begins by getting to know our couples, quirks and all! You will notice we say comfort a lot, and it's true, we want to build a comfortable atmosphere that is both fun and genuine that helps develop photographs you will cherish forever (we know that sounds corny, but it's true!) We aren't just there to capture images of the day, we are there for every single step of the way! Whether it be to curate the perfect wedding day timeline to maximize your wedding portraits or vendor suggestions (just ask, we know a lot of amazing ones - wink, wink!)

The Mint To Be Experience is to be there for you 100% of the way, simple.

Nothing is better than to grow with your life, it starts with the engagement session, the wedding, and then it starts with the growing family. We want you to come back with us for every family milestone for years to come. 


We also believe that having these moments captured should be proudly displayed on your wall or even in an album for years to come is something we wholeheartedly believe in.  

Let us capture the bliss of your relationship

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