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How do we find out if we are the perfect match?

It is key and so important to have an amazing relationship with your wedding photographer. You have to love spending time with them because at the end of the day you will be spending a lot of time around them on your wedding day, more than most people at your wedding. With that said, a Facetime or video chat meeting for introduction purposes is always the first step to ensure we are a perfect match.

We want to book you - how far in advance should we book you?

Once we determine we are a perfect match, the next step is scheduling you in and making it official. I highly suggest booking me as soon as you have become engaged, dates become filled fast even 2.5 years out, with Saturday's being the number one day to hold a wedding these dates book up incredibly fast. Friday & Sunday's are also available but these days are also quickly becoming popular so to ensure your date is your's I would suggest sending me an e-mail or contacting me as SOON as possible.

Do we have to do an engagement session? I don't know what to wear, and I am nervous about being in front of the camera.

I highly suggest doing an engagement session for the simple purpose it allows you to see how I work with the two of you, it will allow you to become comfortable in front of the camera and will get you used to the poses I will be putting you in on the day of your wedding. Don't worry about what to wear, I will happily help you out with this portion - you will be well taken care of!

Do you have any vendor recommendations?

Being in the wedding industry for 7 years I have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing and talented vendors who are TRUSTWORTHY and produce BEAUTIFUL work. Once I am booked, if you need any help with any vendors for your day (wedding planners, wardrobe, videographers, florists, hair and makeup artists, DJ rental companies, caterers and bartenders, cake artists and much more) with the wedding industry being easily accessible for others to start it is imperative you do your research and read all the reviews and ask a ton of questions. You want your day to be beautiful and have no stress, so it's important to pick your vendors carefully.

Videographers - do you suggest we use one for your day?

While I feel confident in being able to capture and document your day with still photography, we definitely recommend hiring a professional and experienced wedding videographer. A videographer is able to give you the gift of allowing those who couldn't make it to your day, to feel as if they were. If your videographer is an experienced professional who specializes in weddings, we know that our hearts and our interests are in the same place: to give our couples an amazing experience and documenting their love and story for them to cherish for years and centuries to come. When professionals who share the same interest we ultimately work seamlessly and make sure we are able to deliver a beautiful end result.

First looks - do you advocate for them?

YES YES YES I DO!!! While some still believe in not seeing the bride before the wedding, and I can absolutely work around that, however; there are several reasons why I suggest doing a first look. It allows the two of you precious moments together beforehand. The reaction of your fiance seeing you for the first time is beautiful and so incredibly pure. It's also been evident that there is a much lesser stress factor and allows for much more time for your gorgeous portraits, and the biggest reason from most of my couples for choosing to do the first look is it prevents your guests from waiting for you as the majority of your portraits are taken before the ceremony begins. I know some might think that the first look might detour the emotion of the "aisle look" but I can tell you from experience that this doesn't take anything away from that moment. NOTHING can and nothing will take that moment away from you because; it is still equality as pure and even more precious. Again, as your photographer, I feel confident enough with my work and my experience to be able to capture my couples wedding day no matter which route you choose to go - but I highly suggest thinking it over and consider doing a first look - I promise you won't regret it!

What is your favorite part of a wedding day to capture?

Oh my that's tough, but I would have to say the first is the moment you are pronounced to your family and friends the joy at that moment alone is the best to capture! Second, it will have to be the details - I could spend hours capturing all the details of your day because in these details a lot of time and decisions were made to make it. The shoes, the dress, the invitations, the rings, the flowers, beautiful heirloom pieces, so many little things that are incorporated in your day to make it beautiful. Thirdly, I love the first dance, the father of the bride dance, and mother and son dances. These get me every time, and most certainly you'll find me getting teary-eyed regardless of how many of these I have been able to capture. It gets me every single time.

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