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about mint to be photography

Our story is just like anyone else's - we met, went on a date that started off at a Tim Hortons, then went for a walk at the Scarborough Bluffs (One of our favourite spots), we talked, laughed, and ended the night with our first kiss, it just felt right. I asked Steve how he ended up in photography, and he told me the story, and I had told him I always loved photography, and took it in high school for 2 years in a row, and I had told him I was envious that he was able to live out his dream, and that I wish I could have done the same. This is where I had told him that I would love to get into again, and coincidently a year later my best friend had asked Steve to take her engagement session and thats when Steve asked if I would join him, and DUH of course I said yes, and thats right then and there where I fell in love with photography all over again. 

Now the story of how Mint To Be formed - it was one evening in August of 2013 where I was contemplating names and I had came up with Mint To Be, I approached Steve and he hated it, like he HATED it, but I just asked him to have an open mind, and started a Facebook group, and within 24 hours we had 100 likes - WHAT? crazy, I know. Sometimes all you have to do is just jump and do it, and thats what we did. And now we are both doing what we love, and doing it together is even a bonus!

Your love story is unique - we want to capture it.

About Jennie

I'm a hopeless romantic

I love anything pastel, lace, and floral print

Italian food is my favourite

Mint flavoured EVERYTHING

Brownies & Cheesecake are my weakness

French Vanilla & Iced Coffee are my go to

Diet Coke Addict

My puppy Sadie
I'd rather shoot in natural lighting

Details, Details, Details

I love grocery shopping, I find it relaxing

I love Old Navy (I'm Addicted)

About Steve

I love burgers

I love sushi

I basically love food

Nissan GTR is my dream car

Coffee is a must to function

I'm a natural comedian (what I've been told)

I hate grocery shopping

I love going to the movies

Walking & Running are my fav activity

I'd rather shoot with flash or strobe

I love scotch & Soda (the clothing brand)

My cats stink and Stup


 things about our relationship 

1. We don't hold hands we hold pinkies

2. Big Mac's are Steve's favourite

3. Garlic Bread with cheese is Jennie's

4. We like going for random drives at night

5. Walks along the lakeshore is our favourite thing to do

6. Sometimes we go to the movies just to buy popcorn and bring it home.

7.Steve likes to annoy Jennie - she doesn't like it

8. Jennie makes the best pasta, ever

9. Dessert is our favourite - Ice Cream for Steve, Brownies & Cheesecake for Jennie

10. If there is a series we both like, we will binge watch the entire series in one day, trust me, it's happened.


Bride and Groom Portrait

The Mint To Be Experience

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